Name Zack
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Unknown, perhaps early 20's.
Job Foto Phast Clerk
Relatives Luanne Platter (former girlfriend)
First appearance Luanne Virgin 2.0
Voiced by Dax Shepard

Zack is only seen in the episode Luanne Virgin 2.0 and is a minor character.


He was briefly involved with Luanne Platter as her boyfriend. He works at Foto Phast and when Luanne tried using his employee discount to pay for her photos it didn't work and he said it would cost $12.50. He apologizes but he decides to break up with her. After breaking up with her Luanne runs out of the photo store crying. It is apparant the two of them were not close as he did not remember Luanne's first name and called her "Linda." It is revealed that Luanne had sex with Zack. He is the fourth overall man that Luanne had sex with.


  • Despite being a one-time only character, Zack happens to be the trigger in revealing to Peggy and Hank that Luanne had lost her virginity long ago, thus starting the chain of events in the episode.