Willie Nelson
Name Willie Nelson
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Musician
First appearance Hank's Got the Willies
Voiced by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a character that first appears in "Hank's Got the Willies". He is Hank Hill's "best friend" and hero. After this episode, Willie Nelson is never seen again. He is voiced by himself.


While taking Bobby golfing, Hank passes by Willie Nelson's private golf course. However there is a sign on the gates that says "Property of Internal Revenue Service." At the Arlen Public Golf Course Bobby accidentally throws his golf club hitting Willie Nelson in the eye. Hank checks to see if he is alright, Willie states he is as he is not bleeding from the ears. Hank praises Willie Nelson who is walking back to the gang's golf cart where he signs an autograph to Hank. Willie Nelson speeds up the golf cart to get away from them.

Wanting to make his dad proud, Bobby takes Hank's guitar, Betsy, to Willie Nelson's house. Bobby helps Willie pass a level of a game on his Gameboy. Bobby calls up Hank telling him that he is invited to Willie Nelson's party at his house. Not believing him, Willie Nelson goes on the phone and speaks with Hank. At the party Willie is shown playing with his guitar as well as autographing it. Hank invites Peggy to the party, but tells her to bring Betsy's strap. Willie goes on the phone to confirm to Peggy that it is really Willie Nelson.

At the party Hank complains to Willie Nelson telling him the boy ain't right and that he doesn't have a hero. However Nelson tells him that it already sounds that he has a hero already; Hank. At the end of the episode Luanne is seen braiding his hair and adding too much glitter spray.


Willie Nelson is kind, somewhat oblivious and offers advice.  


He wears a green T-shirt and a brown vest with a belt and blue jeans. he also has black sneakers and white beard with brown long hair.


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