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Wayne appears in Hank's Back Story, along with Dave Ulster, Phil and Larry, all of whom suffer from Diminished Gluteal Syndrome and are hobbyists. They share a similar interest, and meet twice a month in the back room at TV & VCR Repair to talk about it.

When Peggy stages a propane emergency, she drives Hank to the repair shop, and speeds off as he realizes it's a false alarm. At the repair shop, Wayne explains to Hank that he's been wearing a gluteal orthotic for four years.

After hearing about Hank's friends, neighbors and even his father Cotton playing keep-away with his gluteal orthotic, Wayne explains to Hank that it's one thing to be called names, but when people play "hot potato with your unit" they've gone too far, because it's a medical device.

When Dave Ulster asks the group if anyone has sat anywhere good during the week, It's revealed that Wayne is an assistant coach, and that he sat on his son's little league bench.

Later, as Hank becomes happily involved with the group, he asks Dave Ulster, Wayne, Phil and Larry to be his pit crew at the Durndle County Mower Race, and excitingly shares his idea of calling themselves The Diminished Glutes. Wayne, now distraught, explains that they're a "secret society" not a group of "Look-at-me-Stanley's"

Eventually, the group changes their mind, and show up unashamedly, cheering on Hank at the mower race and offering their support. Hank ends up losing the race, and apologizes for letting the group down. The group, very understanding, compliment him on his effort, and Wayne explains to Hank that because he finished in seventh place, he automatically qualifies for next year's race.

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