Name Wally
Gender Male
Hair Red
Age 32
Job Soldier
Relatives Bill Dauterive (adoptive father)
Unnamed father
First appearance 'Twas the Nut Before Christmas
Voiced by Ryan Phillippe

Wally was Bill's adopted son, who appeared in "'Twas the Nut Before Christmas." Wally's biological father had no faith in him, and kicked him out. He was a twenty-something petty criminal.


Bill's holiday loneliness lead him to opening a "Christmas village" in his yard, most of the children were amazed, but when Wally met Bill at a laundromat and found out he was "Santa" he decided to take advantage of him. Bill saw Wally as a surrogate son and decided to take him in, however Hank realized Wally was a menace and when Wally sold Bobby alcohol, Hank ordered Bill to send Wally packing.

Bill tried he best to warn Wally, because he loved him, but Wally took this as offence and left poor, old, lonely Bill and stole his car. Bill became depressed and when he finally received a phone call from Wally, he asked Hank for help. It turns out Wally was in jail, and he needed someone to bail him out. Bill decide to put Wally straight, and convinced the judge to send him to the army. Bill knew that Wally wouldn't be happy with him now, but thank him in the end.

It can be assumed that Wally was reformed since joining the army. Bill hasn't mentioned Wally since, but he continuously tells the gang that he has a son which he often mixes up the names with "Trevor" and "Travis"; possibly referring to Wally


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