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Name Violetta Dauterive
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 30
Relatives Bill Dauterive (Cousin) Gilbert Dauterive (Cousin) Girac Dauterive (Cousin)
Lenore Dauterive (ex cousin-in law)
First appearance "A Beer Can Named Desire"
Voiced by Natalie Maines

Violetta (Born: 1976, Died: Before season 11, Age: 30) is a single woman and cousin of Bill and Gilbert. Violetta lives in Louisiana in a big house left behind by the Dauterive family. She along with the widows of her two brothers greeted Bill and the Hill family and when her sister-in-laws attempt to sleep with Bill, she joins despite knowing she and Bill are blood related) until Gilbert exposes her. According to her cousin Gilbert, she and her mother died from a fever.

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