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  • Pac-Man's Revenge

    A French familly moves into Arlen in an empty house on Raiey Street.First Hank and his neighbors try to be neighborly,but ultimately fails.The French familly's name is the Xavier,and here are the members:Jaques,Madame Pojerh,Phillipe and Charolette.John Redcorn is on the verge about the affair between him and Nancy fourteen years before.Is kinda like Uh-Oh,Canada!

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  • Pac-Man's Revenge


    November 10, 2013 by Pac-Man's Revenge

    Spongy is a homeless hobo who washes Car windows for money.His is treated badly by Bobby's friends in "The Texas Panhandler".He is often seen quoting: "Ever since Ronald Reagan kicked me out of my mental hospital".He is only seen in "The Texas Panhandler" and "The Boy can't help it".

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