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Bobby makes friends with a guy at a store who is into Tarot cards. Do we get an aesop about how people who try strange things can be normal? Nope, he's a loser who lives in his mom's basement, dresses up in wizard robes, tries to cast magic spells, and is friends with a bunch of other guys who seem to be just as pathetic as him. By the end of the episode, Bobby realizes how uncool they are and insults them with Hank. It doesn't help that when he left the group, they all tried to destroy him just by saying a spell that included the words "Destroyitcus Bobbyus". Yep, Hank is proven right again because as we all know, Hank is always right. The LARP group actually believe in what they're doing going so far as to try and make Bobby drink dog's blood as a ritual. This goes beyond unbelievable and falls into Chick Tract and Mazes and Monsters levels of stupidity. Do the writers of KOTH even know what LARP groups or Dungeons & Dragons players are really like? Because, they certainly are not like the people portrayed in this episode. If you like this piece of crap, then you obviously see life as a high school movie where sports are a Sacred Cow and anybody who has the audacity to be into something different is less than human.

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