Whooping Crane

Bobby and the Whooping Crane

The Whooping Crane is a rare and protected bird on the endangered species list, and he only made his appearance in "The Order of the Straight Arrow". During the snipe hunt, Bobby accidentally walloped The Whooping Crane, and Hank and the guys realize that Bobby took the hunt too literally. Hank hid the dead bird in the cooler, then the next morning, a park ranger entered the campground, explaining that The Whooping Crane was tagged with a transmitter. Hank covers the story and the ranger walks away. As Hank and the group try to reach the park exit, they were spotted by Mona and her hippie friends, who chased the group, running over bird eggs and ripping through plants in the process. Hank made a desperate attempt to bury the The Whooping Crane, but he admitted to Bobby that he lied about the snipe hunt, explaining it was part of the experience of becoming a scout. Suddenly, the ranger arrives. As he prepared to arrest the group for killing an endangered species, the The Whooping Crane suddenly springed to life, much to Bobby's amazement, as he assumed that he was a healer. The Whooping Crane then flew off into the distance. The ranger decided not to arrest Hank and the group.

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