The Petriot Act
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The Petriot Act is the 177th episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on February 13, 2005.


After Bill volunteers to look after an active duty soldier's pet and gets to watch a (of course) lovable playful dog, Hank volunteers as well and ends up with a cat (naturally, to his dismay). Now, does the episode center around Hank learning that cats are loving affectionate animals and that they can be as much fun as a dog? No, because that would mean the show could no longer glorify dogs. Instead, the cat (named "Duke") is a mean-spirited vicious animal that causes Hank nothing but misery, including several medical problems which are played upon by a veterinarian. The pricey medical treatments effectively devour the money the Hill family had put aside for their vacation. Oh, and to make matters worse, Bill is actually shown to be very popular with the dog he's looking after.

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