The Cows made their appearance in "Raise the Steaks." They used to live on a farm owned by the town co-op until Mega Lo Mart bought the co-op. Hank and Appleseed free the cows, a rooster and a hen from the farm and relocated them to Hank's backyard and used the yard as a farm. When two cows break the fence down, an angry, startled Kahn is sent into a panic after finding one cow drinking out of the pool and another eating a bush. Kahn angrily blamed Hank for the destruction of his yard and reported this to the police, but Appleseed got the cows out of there safely before the police arrived. Hank received a letter from Appleseed at the new farm, a photo of Appleseed and a newborn calf named "Hank" included. Staring lovingly at the photo, Hank remarked, "Delicious."


Bill & Dale Try to tip a Cow

Bill & Dale Try to tip a Cow

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