Employee explaining the seating procedure: "You just sit wherever there's an open table. We're not shi-shi here at The Barn!"

The Arlen Barn is a fast-casual style restaurant serving sandwiches located in Arlen which is located in former polygamist compound. It appeared in Uncool Customer where Hank finds out about this restaurant from the newspaper which he mentions that the polygamist compound is now a restaurant. The restaurant is a fast-casual style restaurant where you first order at the counter, then you get a number, and sit at an open table or chair. The meatloaf sandwich is the most familiar sandwich on the menu as it was the sandwich that Hank orders, and comes back for it occasionally during the episode.


Uncool CustomerEdit

Hank discovers this restaurant from reading the newspaper which he mentions that the polygamist compound is now a restaurant. When Hank visits, he asks the manager where he can sit, and that he can sit anywhere there is an open chair or table, which he points him out to the big table where different people who are not together are seated. He orders the meatloaf sandwich, and despite sitting at the big table with strangers, the meatloaf sandwich is still the best meal he had in years as he said to the restaurant's manager. The next time he visited the restaurant, he took Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer with him to eat to accompany him, and they fight for a table in the restaurant. Unfortunately, Bill started being friendly with an older woman in a wheelchair who apparently was trolling for an open space and turned the table for 4 into a table for 5, much to Hank's dismay. Next time he visits the restaurant, he orders the sandwich to go; when he's directed to sit and wait at the big table, he leaves. In the end of the episode, Octavio pulls up to Hank's house to give him the sandwich; Hank probably told Octavio to get him the sandwich, so he can avoid interacting with strangers. He appears to have paid around $40.00 for this favor. He accepts the sandwich even though Octavio had taken a bite out of it.