That's-A-Real Italiano is an Italian restaurant located in Arlen in a shopping center. According to Bill it is home of the spaghetti sandwich, which Bill recommends the jumbo spaghetti sandwich which is his favorite. He is a fat lazy load like the rest of america...


A Bill Full of Dollars

In the episode A Bill Full of Dollars, after Dale, Minh, and Peggy observe Bill on what he shops for at Mega Lo Mart calling him the average American consumer. Bill chooses to have lunch at the restaurant, where he mentions that it's home of the spaghetti sandwich which he then recommends the jumbo spaghetti sandwich which is his favorite which everyone in the restaurant is shown eating, which Minh than traits stocks for. Then in the stock market TV show that Minh, Dale, and Peggy were watching, it was shown that trait stocks have grown.

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