Name Tanya
Gender Female
Hair Brown
First appearance "Movin' On Up"
Voiced by Maura Tierney

Tanya is a former roommate of Luanne. She first appeared in "Movin' On Up" and later in "Hank and the Great Glass Elevator." She is one of the three antagonists of the former episode. An ever-barefoot freeloader, Tanya frustrates Luanne to no end with her deadbeat attitude.

Personality and Interest

Tanya is the laziest and most degenerate of Luanne's roommates. She is entirely selfish and shows a lack of concern for anything. Her self-indulgent lifestyle is full of equally self-destructive behavior, choosing to waste her time gambling, among other forms of vice. Tanya doesn't even take care of herself, being a hopelessly addicted chain smoker who will lit up even while indoors and sporting a band-aid on her elbow. When she is called out for being slovenly, she resorts to sarcasm and petty excuses just to throw the blame off her.

She owns a green Volkswagen Beetle which she thoughtlessly parks on other people's property, preventing Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer from enjoying beer out in front of the picket fence around Hank's lawn.

Tanya takes no pride in her appearance, choosing to wear a trashy Wonka T-shirt, cheap earrings, and saggy blue sweatpants. She ties her hair back in an unattractive ponytail and perpetually sports a very unfriendly, uncaring look on her face.

Tanya, perhaps due to her obsession with loafing around, prefers to be barefoot all the time when she's indoors, seeing no need to wear shoes or socks if she isn't going to leave the house. Tanya even enters the kitchen in her bare feet, an unsanitary habit that Hank ironically chided Luanne for. However, she at least wears shoes outdoors- though she is not clearly shown with any shoes on, the sound of dull shoe squeaks on the pavement can be heard as she emerges out of her Volkswagen

Tanya eventually finds herself receiving the short end of the stick for a change and finally suffers the consequences for being a callous person when her refusal to help pay bills leads to the power being shut off at the rented out house, and Luanne choosing to leave her roommates to deal with the expenses on their own without the possibility of mooching off her generosity any longer.