TV & VCR Repair is a repair shop in McMaynerbury which appears in Hank's Back Story

Dave Ulster, Wayne, Phil, Larry and eventually Hank, share a similar interest, and meet at the repair shop twice a month to talk about it. Dave Ulster explains to Hank, that they're not a support group, but hobbyists.

After Dave Ulster introduces himself to Hank at Sobin Medical Supply, and reveals that he too, like Hank, is a patient of Dr. Tate, offers Hank a business card, explaining how difficult becoming accustomed to a gluteal orthotic can be, and that if he ever needs to talk, to give him a call.

Hank, after much ridicule from his friends, neighbors and even his father Cotton, becomes increasingly frustrated, and eventually gives up on wearing his gluteal orthotic, when Dale, Bill and Boomhauer, while playing a game of Keep-away, get it stuck over a power line

Peggy, realizing that Hank is losing interest in things he was once passionate about, and continuing to suffer from back pain, tries to convince him to get his gluteal orthotic off the power line, and to continue training for Durndle County Mower Race. Hank refuses, and Peggy then devises a plan, telling Hank that Buck had called, and that there's a propane emergency in McMaynerbury. Peggy offers to drive, and Hank lays down in the back of his truck, due to his worsening back pain.

Hank and Peggy arrive, and when Hank enters the repair shop, he's greeted by Dave Ulster, Wayne, Phil and Larry who're all sitting in a back room of the shop, where they introduce themselves and reveal that they all suffer from Diminished Gluteal Syndrome. Hank, much to his dismay, realizes the propane emergency was a false alarm, and sees Peggy speeding off.