Name Suzette
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Job Unknown
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Uh-oh, Canada
Voiced by Lori Nasso

Suzette is a French-Canadian who's only appearance was in Uh-oh, Canada.


Prior to Uh-Oh, Canada, Suzette lived in Ontario next to the Huskin family. She dated a man named Jean-Paul. When Boomhauer switched houses with the Huskins, Suzette brought him coffee crisps as a housewarming gift. Boomhauer flirted with Suzette and learned her lanaguage, French. On the last day before Boomhauer moved back to the USA, he could speak perfect French. That day, Suzette had sex with Boomhauer, though she had probably had sex with him before. When Boomhauer moved back to the US, Suzette came with him. When Morine saw Suzette with Boomhauer, Suzette stated that her previous relationship with Jean-Paul was over. After, Suzette was never seen again.


Suzette was only seen 3 times in the episode.

Even though it is rumored Boomhauer went steady with Suzette, Suzette was never seen again in the series. However, this may be because there were only 2 episodes left in the series.

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