Name Sunshine
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
First appearance Cheer Factor
Voiced by Marissa Jaret Winokur

Sunshine is a young hippie who only appeared in the episode "Raise the Steaks".

She is one of the co-founders of the organic co-op. Her name was revealed in the middle of the episode when she was doing an interpretive dance to entertain people waiting on line, and Hank asked, "What on Earth is Sunshine doing?" She is an enviromental activist and a strong individualist. She is voiced by Marissa Jaret Winokur.


Sunshine has long blonde hair and wears a purple shirt, skirt, beaded necklace and weart-tan opened toed sandals.



"I'm going to give my money to good causes. People who plant trees, and set fire to SUV's."

Sunshine:(Grabs a can to smash the window) 

Hank: "Wait, what are you doing?"

Sunshine: "Being part of the solution."

Sunshine: "It's the register, I think it's broken."

Hank (opens register): "Seems fine to me."

Sunshine (looks at register): "But look, it's got all that extra money in there."

Hank: "Well then I guess that extra money is profit." 

Sunshine (hysterically): "Profit? .....I touched it!" 

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