Sobin Medical Supply is a medical supply shop that appears in Hank's Back Story.

After Dr. Tate diagnoses Hank with Diminished Gluteal Syndrome, he writes him a prescription for a gluteal orthotic device, Hank and Peggy then go to the medical supply shop to pick up his prescribed gluteal orthotic, which according to Dr. Tate, is a "prosthetic you wear over your backside to help alleviate pressure on your spine"

When Hank and Peggy arrive at the medical supply shop to pick up Hank's gluteal orthotic, the associate at the counter, upon reading the prescription, explains to Hank that the device is to be worn under his pants, and then places two saline bags inside Hank's prosthetic, explaining that Dr. Tate has prescribed 1,700 milliliters for his left cheek, and 1,500 for his right.

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