Name Smitty
Gender Male
Hair White
Age 70+
Job Groundskeeper at Arlen High School
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Care Taking Care of Business
Voiced by Christopher Lloyd


Smitty is the groundskeeper for Arlen High School. In the episode "Care-Takin' Care of Business," his increasing age starts getting the better of him as his groundskeeper abilities start to falter. In Arlen's first game of the year, they are forced to forfeit due to the poorly maintained field. To keep Smitty from losing his pension, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer start taking care of the field every night while giving Smitty all the credit. Smitty in turns earns the nickname "The Wizard" due to the guys giving Arlen a competitive advantage in some games. One night, Smitty catches the guys working on the field and kicks them off. Smitty in turns ends up destroying the field once again. However, Hank is able to cover up for Smitty's poor groundskeeping by convincing Lucky to race his truck on the field against his fellow rednecks. The field is ruled unfit for play and Smitty is not at fault due to the trucks destroying the field. Subsequent to this, Smitty retires and receives a bonus to his pension due to the incredible work the town believes he performed during the season. Outside of a brief cameo in Bwah My Nose, Smitty is not seen again in the series.


Smitty's lack of ability to maintain the field as well as his self belief that he in fact was the one maintaining the field hints to him possibly suffering from dementia.

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