Smiley's Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor is a restaurant that serves ice cream and pizza located in Arlen. It has appeared in the episode "Three Coaches and a Bobby" multiple times. It is a favorite restaurant to eat after games for sports teams such as the Strickland Propane's softball team shown in "Take Me out of the Ball Game," and Bobby's soccer and football team as shown in Three Coaches and a Bobby.


Three Coaches and a Bobby

In the episode Three Coaches and a Bobby, Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and some more parents confront Coach Maxwell, Bobby's football coach to tell him not to put Bobby in the game when the team has a chance in winning the game. Later in the episode, Hank is shown eating in the restaurant with Coach Sauers, and at the same time, Bobby's soccer team which he chose to play for instead of his football team goes to the restaurant for ice cream after a win to celebrate.

Take Me out of the Ball Game

In the episode Take Me out of the Ball Game, the Strickland Propane's softball team go to the restaurant after a game they won, where Hank doesn't acknowledge Peggy's game performance.