Sharona Johnson
Name Sharrona
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Early 20's
Job Beauty School Student
First appearance Plastic White Female
Voiced by Dawnn Lewis

 Sharona Johnson is a student at Arlen Beauty Academy. She is seen in "Wings of the Dope". She acts harshly to Luanne. She can be seen at Lucky and Luanne's wedding. She is the voice of former TV show Hangin' with Mr. Cooper actress Dawnn Lewis.


 She is first seen in the episode "Plastic White Female." When Luanne fails to give the right answer to a questions she is picked on and answers it correctly. Later on in the episode her final is considered passable by Miss Kremzer. When Luanne passes her final she starts slowly clapping for her causing the rest of the girls to cheer for Luanne as well.




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