This is the third King of the Hill box set, released on December 28, 2004. It contains all twenty-five episodes from
the third season (1998-1999) spread across three DVD-10s (double-sided, single layer).

The set features Dolby Digital 2.0 audio in English and Spanish, and is presented in full-frame, with optional closed captions and subtitles in English and Spanish.

After a four month gap between seasons 1 and 2, this set was not released until 13 months after season two's release, in December 2004, after being initially scheduled for spring of that year. This delay is due to Fox originally having no plans to release season 3 due to cost issues. This and future sets are on dual sided DVDs (Three discs per set instead of the previous six). Special features were also dropped, due to a dribbling interest in DVD seasons in the series as the first two seasons didn't sell well. The third season was expensive to release because a lot of the episodes used popular songs that had to be licensed for the DVD release. Fox initially wasn't going to release any more seasons; finally they agreed to release season 3, but without extras (which add to the cost).


Disc 1/Side A:

  • Death Of A Propane Salesman (pt. 2)
  • And They Call It Bobby Love
  • Peggy's Headache
  • Pregnant Paws
  • Next of Shin

Disc 1/Side B:

  • Peggy Pageant Fever
  • Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men
  • Good Hill Hunting
  • Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Disc 2/Side A:

  • A Fire-fighting We Will Go
  • To Spank, With Love
  • Three Coaches and a Bobby
  • De-Kahnstructing Henry

Disc 2/Side B:

  • The Wedding Of Bobby Hill
  • Sleight Of Hank
  • Jon Vitti Presents: 'Return to La Grunta'
  • Escape From Party Island

Disc 3/Side A:

  • Love Hurts.. And So Does Art
  • Hank's Cowboy Movie
  • Dog Dale Afternoon
  • Revenge of the Lutefisk

Disc 3/Side B

  • Death and Texas
  • Wings of the Dope
  • Take Me Out Of The Ball Game
  • As Old As The Hills (pt. 1)