Episode Image Title Episode Number Prodno. Original Airdate
"Suite Smells of Excess" 12x01 BABE13 September 23, 2007
"Bobby Rae" 12x02 BABE12 September 30, 2007
"The Powder Puff Boys" 12x03 BABE16 October 7, 2007
"Four Wave Intersection" 12x04 BABE15 October 14, 2007
"Death Picks Cotton" 12x05 BABE14 November 11, 2007
"Raise the Steaks" 12x06 BABE17 November 18, 2007
"Tears of an Inflatable Clown" 12x07 BABE19 November 25, 2007
"The Minh Who Knew Too Much" 12x08 BABE18 December 9, 2007
"Dream Weaver" 12x09 BABE20 December 16, 2007
"Doggone Crazy" 12x10 CABE01 January 6, 2008
"Trans-Fascism" 12x11 CABE02 February 10, 2008
"Untitled Blake McCormick Project" 12x12 CABE03 February 17, 2008
"The Accidental Terrorist" 12x13 CABE04 March 2, 2008
"Lady and Gentrification" 12x14 CABE05 March 9, 2008
"Behind Closed Doors" 12x15 CABE06 March 16, 2008
"Pour Some Sugar on Kahn" 12x16 CABE07 March 30, 2008
"Six Characters in Search of a House" 12x17 CABE08 April 6, 2008
"The Courtship of Joseph's Father" 12x18 CABE09 April 13, 2008
"Strangeness on a Train" 12x19 CABE10 April 27, 2008
"Cops and Robert" 12x20 CABE11 May 4, 2008
"It Came From the Garage" 12x21 CABE12 May 11, 2008
"Life: A Loser's Manual" 12x22 CABE13 May 18, 2008

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