Episode Image Title Episode Number Prodno. Original Airdate
139137 Pilot Season 1
Episode 1
4E01 January 12th, 1997
Square Peg Square Peg Season 1
Episode 2
4E02 January 19th, 1997
The Order of the Straight Arrow The Order of the Straight Arrow Season 1
Episode 3
4E03 February 2nd, 1997
Hank's Got the Willies Hank's Got the Willies Season 1
Episode 4
4E05 February 9th, 1997
Luanne's Saga Luanne's Saga Season 1
Episode 5
4E04 February 16th, 1997
Hank's Unmentionable Problem Hank's Unmentionable Problem Season 1
Episode 6
4E07 February 23rd, 1997
Westie Side Story Westie Side Story Season 1
Episode 7
4E06 March 2nd, 1997
Shins of the Father Shins of the Father Season 1
Episode 8
4E08 March 23rd, 1997
Peggy the Boggle Champ Peggy the Boggle Champ Season 1
Episode 9
4E09 April 13th, 1997
Keeping Up With Our Joneses Keeping Up With Our Joneses Season 1
Episode 10
4E10 April 27th, 1997
King of the Ant Hill King of the Ant Hill Season 1
Episode 11
4E13 May 4th, 1997
139148 Plastic White Female Season 1
Episode 12
4E11 May 11th, 1997

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