Sal Gladstone
Name Sal Gladstone
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job Ex-Stik Tek Employee
First appearance The Exterminator
Voiced by David Herman

Sal Gladstone is a minor character in the episode "The Exterminator."


After Dale had fired Burt, Amy Pitman asks him if he can fire someone else. She reveals that she hates this person so much that she can barely stand to look at him. The person she is referring to is revealed to be Gladstone. As Dale is firing him, he remarks to Pitman that he can understand why she doesn't like him. Once fired he asks what will happen to his health insurance. He asks Pitman, who tells him that she "fought for him." After this firing she asks how much would Dale like to have this as a job. Dale believes she is referring to firing Gladstone. He opens the door and yells at a distraught Gladstone, but Pitman reveals that she is referring to firing people at work.