Rusty Shackleford (Real)
Real Rusty
Name Rusty Shackleford
Gender Male
Hair Grayish brown
Age 40-45
First appearance Peggy's Gone to Pots
Voiced by


For the first several seasons of King of the Hill, Dale goes by the alias of Rusty Shackleford when dealing with personal identity matters. Dale has stated he created this alias when a student by the same name died when the boys were younger, thus giving Dale the opportunity to use his name. In the Season 11 episode "Peggy's Gone to Pots," it's discovered that Rusty is indeed still alive and only moved away when the boys were younger. Rusty comes back to Arlen to resolve the numerous identity issues that have arose from Dale using his name. When Dale and Peggy's attempt to stage their fake death fails, Rusty has Dale sign a form clearing him of all his identity troubles. Rusty is not seen again in the series.


  • Due to Dale's troubled mind, he thought it was a lie Rusty moved away and that he died; this it's likely because Dale saw through all the lies told to children at a young age (such as the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.)