Vlcsnap-00191 (2)

Rooster's Root is a lunch truck that appears in "Trans-Fascism" as the rival lunch truck of Sugarfoot's. Both lunch trucks appear to be fierce when it came to the competition of selling fatty food secretly to the public, but Rooster's has a major fatal flaw: while Sugarfoot's was healthy and sanitary (upon Hank's request and training), Rooster's was a major pig stye, resulting in the food becoming a source of salmonella poisoning. Eventually, the rivalry was ended when Hank brought up the case to court, and bribed the officials with video evidence of them buying food at Rooster's and Sugarfoot's from Nancy Gribble (who was doing an undercover investigation of the underground fat food chains).

The only known dish they served was Ceviche, which is what got Dale sick.

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