Preston Rogers Waffle Cafe is a breakfast restaurant located in Arlen. It is where the Arlen High School football team's booster club meets. The restaurant's private dining room is called the Castilian Room. The restaurant is shortly called the "waffle house" as shown in the episode Smoking and the Bandit.


Peggy Makes the Big Leagues

In the episode Peggy Makes the Big Leagues, Hank, Dale, Bill Dauterive, and Boomhauer were having a Booster Club meeting at the restaurant's private dining room which is called the Castilian Room which sponsors Arlen High's football team where they meet in the restaurant multiple times in the restaurant, where they suggested David Kalikialii, the star player who was in put on academic suspension after Peggy who was substituting at Arlen High failed David to put him on a work study, which Buck volunteers Strickland Propane to put him on a work study.

Care-Takin' Care of Business

In the episode Care-Takin' Care of Business, the Booster Club is shown having a meeting at the restaurant where they were told that the school's football team is ranked number one in the state in the preseason, and suggested to hire the groundskeeper from SMU, and fire the groundskeeper Smitty, whom Hank suggested to keep. Later in the episode, the Booster Club eats a meal with Smitty at the restaurant to congratulate him on his job. 

Smoking and the Bandit

In the episode Smoking and the Bandit, Dale is shown having dinner at the restaurant where he lights up a cigarette which the server and the cook tells him to put it out, which he then refuses to put it out, and goes on a rant, and when he was finished, he leaves money on the counter. Shortly after, The Arlen Bystander finds out about this incident which Bob Jenkins wrote an article about the incident after which Peggy was assigned that beat.

Take Me out of the Ball Game

In the episode Take Me out of the Ball Game, Hank and Buck have breakfast in the restaurant where Buck tells Hank that he will be head coach of a co-ed softball league for Strickland Propane which then they run into M. F. Thatherton where introduces Hank and Buck to Rita Bevacqua who is the new dispatcher of Thatherton Fuels, which then Hank asks if that is any relation to major league player Kurt Bevacqua, which Rita then tells them that he is her husband by marriage which he then appears, which then Thatherton tells Hank and Buck that Kurt will be eligible to play for the Thatherton Fuels softball team since immediate family is eligible to play, which leaves Hank disgusted.