Philip Ny
Name Philip Ny
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Sports Psychologist
First appearance How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying
Voiced by Wallace Shawn

Philip Ny is a sports psychologist who only appears in "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying."


Philip goes to gun ranges early in the morning knowing that's when the lousy shots come in during that time. Noticing that Hank was having a hard time shooting anything, he offered his help to him. He worked with the Cowboys last season which prompts Hank to leave the room. Before Hank left Philip told him to consider this; athletic performance is 10% physical and 100% mental. He breaks through with Hank when Hank notices that it adds up to 110%. In the afternoon he goes to bowling alley while remarking that losers are very predictable. Before he leaves, he hands Hank his card saying that he knows Hank is going to rip it up which he doesn't.

During their first session Hank sets straight all the things that he isn't willing to do. Philip hands Hank a gun that shots rubber darts. He tells him to visualize the bullet hitting the target. The problem is that every time Hank takes aim he is reminded of how much he let his father down. Philip tells him to stay relax by thinking of something gentle flying into the target. Hank chooses to imagine a McDonald Douglas L'1011 Widebody flying straight to the body. For improvement Philip says to add audio by saying something like "to the end of the rainbow." Before Hank can say that he doesn't want to say that Philip just tells him say whatever he wants. Hank ends up saying "prepare for top speed." During the competition Philip can be seen briefly at the beginning. After Hank misses his first shot and is about to take his redo shot Philip yells his name. Philip is standing on the stands with a rainbow wig which he points at when Hank looks at him. He remembers what he learned from Philip and starts shooting the targets.


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