Pepperoni Sue
Name Pepperoni Sue
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Relatives Lumpy (Husband)
First appearance Queasy Rider
Voiced by Jennifer Aniston

Pepperoni Sue was a biker who was with her man, Lumpy, as they do a re-commitment ceremony. She is the voice of Jennifer Aniston.


Pepperoni Sue and her man Lumpy are having a re-commitment ceremony. When they both got married 10 years earlier all they got was a pair of ass-less pants and a bottle of tequila. They use those two items to get through five states in three days for their honeymoon. The two of them are planning to head to South Dakota for Biker's Week at Sturgis to celebrate their re-commitment ceremony. They tell The Hills about the event when they were both at a Harley-Davidson store. Pepperoni Sue gives them an invitation to their reception.

Pepperoni Sue is contemplating what type of nipple ring to get when they bump into Hank at Sturgis. She shows off the smiling skull ring that Lumpy is getting her because she knows how to make him smile. It's revealed that her and Lumpy have an agreed set of boundaries that makes their marriage work such as not having Pepperoni Sue ride in the front of the motorcycle. Seeing that Hank is feeling depressed she offers to show her breasts to him, but he turns down her offer.


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