KohLuckySeeMonkeyDo F-1
Name Myrna
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Relatives Unnamed father (desceased)
Lucky Kleinschmidt (brother)
Unnamed son
Unnamed daughter
Luanne Platter (sister-in-law)
Gracie Kleinschmidt (niece)
First appearance "Lucky See, Monkey Do"
Voiced by Paget Brewster

Myrna is Lucky's sister who appeared in "Lucky See, Monkey Do". She takes a very modern parenting course and wants the best heath for her family, always making her two children read for fun and drink water only. She and Peggy Hill each debated their ideas on how to raise a child and both tried to get Luanne to choose their ideas. Ultimetly, Luanne decided to try Peggy's way and then her own way.

KohLuckySeeMonkeyDo F-1

Myrna (far left)

She is voiced by actress Paget Brewster.