Name Mrs.Dauterive
Gender Female
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Job Unknown
Relatives Bill Dauterive (Son)
Eric Dauterive (Husband)
Lenore Dauterive (Ex-Daughter-in-law)
Violetta Dauterive (Niece, deceased)
Gilbert Dauterive (Nephew)
Girac Dauterive (Nephew, deceased)

Rene Dauterive (Niece)
Esme Dauterive (Sister-in-law, deceased)
Alphonse Dauterive (Brother-in-law, deceased)

First appearance
Voiced by

Mrs. Dauterive is the mother of Bill Dauterive.


Not much is known about her except that she married Eric Dauterive and they had a son named Bill Dauterive. While it is known Eric was abusive towards his son, it is unknown how she treated him but she may have been gentle with due to Bill once agreeing with Hank's statement of mothers being great. She died at some point as Bill stated his parents weren't alive this was confirmed in Blood and Sauce due to Gilbert's statement of him and bill being the only members of their family.

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