Mr. Crackers
Mr. Crackers
Name Mr. Crackers
Gender Male
Hair N/A
Age Unknown
Job Mascot
Relatives Unknown
First appearance What Makes Bobby Run?
Voiced by N/A

Mr. Crackers was an armadillo and the mascot for Belton Middle School, the opposing team.


Mr. Crackers is a brown armadillo wearing a grey sweater. Mr. Crackers hated his cramped up lifestyle: he lived in a small cage and was fed crackers, hence the name "Mr. Crackers".

His only appearance was in "What Makes Bobby Run?". During the football game, one of the Belton football players was walking Mr. Crackers, taunting the Landry Longhorns. Mr. Crackers was put back into his cage, but as soon as the opposing team member left, Bobby lured Mr. Crackers out of his cage. The empty cage was soon noticed, and Bobby was trapped between the crowd of Belton fans cheering in the audience and the female coach, who demanded that Bobby give Mr. crackers back, but Bobby escaped, taunting Belton over the megaphone "Hey, you Belton losers! Look what I found!", and with the opposing team chasing Bobby while he was carrying Mr. Crackers, Bobby hill and Mr. Crackers managed to escape. Bobby freed Mr. Crackers, then the opposing team dogpiled him.


  • The Boucher brothers stole an armadillo back in 1976, and Belton's been keeping it under extreme security ever since.