Mitch was the famous diving-pig that only appeared in "The Perils of Polling." Mitch was introduced as "

Mitch the Pig

the finest diver with four legs the Pork Louganis, Mitch the amazing diving pig.", and He first performed the Two-la Hula. Eventually, his final dive was The Johnny Cash (also known as The Ring of Fire), which was successful. However, Mitch was drowning because a rope entangled him, trapping him underwater, and Bobby dove into the pool and rescued Mitch. Mitch was thought to be dead, but Bobby saved him with the Heimlich Maneuver, becoming "The Amazing, Pig-Saving Boy".


Mitch's toughest stunt is when it jumps through hoops of fire, called "The Ring of Fire." This is a reference to the famous Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire."

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