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"Just Another Manic Kahn-Day"
Mega Lo Mart (Pilot)

Mega Lo Mart Parking Lot

Mega Lo Mart is a department store in King of the Hill. It shares many qualities of Walmart, of which it is a parody.

Its spokesperson is Chuck Mangione, who plays the flugelhorn. Their slogan is "Feels so Good!", modified for whatever item is being promoted. The store also sells auto supplies, guns, toys, food, furniture, electronics, hardware, CDs, DVDs and (briefly) propane.

It was believed that Mega Lo Mart had a rat problem, until Dale was hired to exterminate the rats. He discovered that Chuck Mangione was the real culprit, having fed off of the products at the store. As depicted in the Season 2 cliffhanger finale, the presence of the Arlen Mega Lo Mart has a disastrous effect on local small businesses such as Strickland Propane and Layaway Ray's Bait N' Tackle.


In the Pilot episode, Hank visits the Mega Lo Mart looking for the hardware department so he can buy a tap and die and WD40. He quickly grows frustrated that Buckley is unable to help him. Hank's angry confrontation is seen by locals who then begin to spread rumors that Hank may be abusive to his son, Bobby, which eventually makes its way to Arlen County Child Protective Services.

The Mega Lo Mart employees are mostly unhelpful, lazy teenagers. The store ran many local merchants out of business; the experienced businessowners were forced to accept low-level positions at the store. The teenage employees enjoyed their positions and used them to force the former merchants to wear trainee badges, despite decades worth of experience and would blatantly ignore safety advice, seen when Buckley continues to put stress on the Propane valve against Hank's advice, which would ultimately lead to his demise.

The Mega Lo Mart corporate spokesperson is musician Chuck Mangione, who lives in the store and whose hit song "Feels So Good" serves as its corporate slogan. The Mega Lo Mart jingle, as heard in a television advertisement in an early episode, says "Mega Lo Mart, where you'll be shopping for the rest of your life." The jingle is not connected to, or performed, by Chuck Mangione. In the episode Propane Boom, the Arlen Mega Lo Mart exploded just as Chuck Mangione was beginning to perform outside the store.

Hank began working at the Mega Lo Mart after the chain began offering big propane discounts, which had driven Strickland Propane out of Arlen. Upon being hired and expressing his frustration with other former small business owners (also now working at the Mega Lo Mart), Hank and a few others planned to disrupt the Mangione concert with kazoos in protest of the destructive effect of the Mega Lo Mart on small town businesses. The propane explosion occurred before the plan could be fully carried out (as Hank was ready to use his "ultimate weapon", an air horn). The accident was actually caused by a propane tank activated carelessly by Buckley, Luanne Platter's then-boyfriend and Hank's manager, a result of Buckley's refusing to listen to Hank's safety advice of not dragging propane tanks across the floor by the handle (Ironically, however, due to his known hatred of the Mega Lo Mart, everyone seemed to believe Hank had caused the explosion, though only temporarily). Since any potential customers and most of the staff were at the concert outside, Buckley was the only casualty, although Luanne, Hank, and Chuck Mangione were slightly singed. Luanne also lost all of her hair (which gradually grew back) as a result of the explosion. Since the Mega-Lo-Mart decided to not stock propane upon re-opening (after reconstruction), the Arlen branch of Strickland Propane reopened shortly after these events, and Hank resumed his assistant manager position there.


  • This incident happened in the midst of Fox's decision to move the show to California, which turned out to be a practical joke stemming from The X-Files' decision to move production from Vancouver to Los Angeles.
  • It is supposedly based on Wal-Mart and Home Depot. It is portrayed as the archetypical American big box store chain, in the vein of real-world corporate chain stores such as Wal-Mart, or K-Mart. The name itself is a play on "Mega Low" (as in prices, the portrayal of which was presumably the corporation's intent), and the Greek root "megalo-" meaning "large" or "grandiose" (often associated with the word "megalomania," or having delusions of grandeur).
  • In early seasons, Hank hated Mega Lo Mart for the rudeness and general unhelpfulness of the staff and putting some local small businesses out of business but in later seasons, Hank grew to tolerate the store when they hired Strickland Propane to be the propane supplier. He also admitted to the manager that he liked being able to buy his jeans and hammers in the same place since he could see how they looked together.
  • Ray of Layaway Ray's Bait N' Tackle claimed the new Mega Lo Mart was killing any business he had left, causing him to shut down.
  • The Arlen Strickland Propane temporarily shut down as a result of the Mega Lo Mart being built. 

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