Maria Montalvo
Name Maria Montalvo
Gender Female
Hair Black
Job Business woman
First appearance "Junkie Business"
Voiced by Bertila Damas

Maria Montalvo is an accessories associate at Strickland. She first appears in "Junkie Business" as a secondary character, and later appears during the end credits of "Death of a Propane Salesman" poking fun at Hank along with Enrique and Joe Jack regarding the propane explosion at Mega Lo Mart. In subsequent episodes, she appears as a silent background character. She was interviewed by Hank Hill for an open job at Strickland Propane. Even though she was qualified and knowledgeable with propane and propane accessories, Hank decided against hiring her when she told him she didn't know who former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was. After being hired she immediately hugged Hank in joy of her new employment much to his wife's chagrin.