Maria's Pizza and Pasta is an Italian restaurant located in Arlen. It was shown in the episode Redcorn Gambles With His Future



Redcorn Gambles With His Future

In the episode Redcorn Gambles With His Future, Buck takes Hank to dinner to tell him that he is in charge of Strickland Family Fun Day. After Buck gets attracted by the server, he asks what she recommends to order, which she then says that her boyfriend orders the surf and turf, which Buck in response then just orders a medium cheese pizza and waters. Then John Redcorn, and Lucky's band, Big Mountain Fudge Cake was introduced in the restaurant's stage where they performed a gig, which the diners didn't like including Buck who leaves the restaurant. After Buck leaves, the band comes out of the restaurant telling Hank that the restaurant fired the band for playing for free.

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