Manger Baby Einstein
Season 13, Episode 17
Manger baby einstein
Air date May 10, 2009
Written by Sanjay Shah
Directed by Kyounghee Lim
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Manger Baby Einstein is the 17th episode of the 13th season of King of the Hill. It first aired on May 10th, 2009.


While adjusting to her new career and life as a mom, Luanne resurrects her Manger Baby puppets and, with help from John Redcorn, starts a series of direct-to-DVD educational shows, but risks selling out when the franchise grows stale and other entertainers line up to take her place. Meanwhile, Dale writes a children's book about a lost bullet wanting to get home to find its gun. But when Luanne steals his idea, Dale destroys her puppets (minus Gurgle-Gurgle the octopus). When Luanne goes to Captain Bear's Pizza she finds Gurgle-Gurgle, retires from her puppetry career and returns to her family.




“They keep restricting what barbers can do. My guy says he can no longer preform dentistry.” – Lucky

“We are bowing our heads to pray; not text message. Yeah; I can see you…” – Reverend Stroop

“I’ve always wanted to be a childrens’ entertainer. It’s so much more tasteful than the other kinds.” – Luanne

“I’m starting to realize the liability lawsuit game is best left to the young.” – Lucky

“Children see the world through innocent eyes. My book will change that.” – Dale

“Did you know wow upside down is mom?” – John Redcorn

“I could have listened to you Uncle Hank; but instead I chose to succeed in DVD’s and in life.” – Luanne

“The little people are so touching - But I don’t mean children; I mean unimportant people.” – Luanne

“I’m a dad first, no matter what. Even this country ran only on propane and made me its Vice President, I’d still be a dad first.” – Hank


  • This episode marks the 2nd time Luanne's Manger Babies have had their own media production. The first time was in the Season 2 episode Meet the Manger Babies.
  • Luanne was fired from her job at Jack's barber shop that she has held since the Season 8 episode My Hair Lady.
  • The episode title “Manger Einstein” is a takeoff of Baby Einstein.
  • This is John Redcorn's final appearance.
  • When John Redcorn states that he has a bass guitar leftover from a previous enterprise, this is likely referring to an instrument used during performances by Big Mountain Fudgecake.
  • When Luanne is given Dale's book, Bobby is with her, and clearly was able to see the cover. However, when Luanne first attempts to pass off Dale's book as her own work, Bobby and Peggy act all surprised and delighted. It is unknown if Bobby ever knew at that moment if Luanne stole Dale's work.
  • It is unknown why when Luanne rudely tells Bobby that he will never be successful, when Peggy is in the room, that she (Peggy) doesn't do or say anything in Bobby's defense
  • Peggy calls herself Gracie's grandmother while she, Luanne, and Gracie are in the mother/child room in the church at the beginning of the episode, despite the fact that she is her great-aunt. This may be since Luanne’s mother, Leanne, is a deadbeat and not much is known about Lucky’a family. Peggy and Luanne also share a mother/daughter relationship more than a aunt/ neice relationship. Peggy may be referring to herself as an honorary grandmother
  • When John Redcorn pulls away the curtain hiding other performers, Jerry Popper and his dummy, Chip Block from Now Who's the Dummy? in which Dale destroyed in a wood chipper makes an appearance.

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