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Luanne Gets Lucky
Season 11, Episode 4
Air date March 25, 2007
Written by Jonathan Collier
Directed by Ken Wong
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Luanne Gets Lucky is the two hundred-fourth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on March 25, 2007. The episode was written by Jonathan Collier, and directed by Ken Wong.


The episode begins with Luanne at the barber shop she's working at, where she wishes aloud to an uninterested prom-goer girl about how she wanted to go to prom when she had the chance, as she had never gone to one due to her neglectful mother. She tries to ask Lucky to go to a prom with her, but he refuses, saying that he wants to seek a stump that his grandfather found a long time ago (and that Lucky himself found, but due to a slip in a bathroom forgot about its location). Saddened by his decision, Luanne meets up with a 15-year old named Kevin at the barber shop who agrees to go to the senior prom with her. That night, Lucky and her have an argument, which ends up with him driving off angrily to find the stump.

Through Lucky's friends, he finds out that she's going to the prom with the kid. Unbeknownst to Lucky, his redneck friends take matters into their own hands and see Luanne's "date" to the prom as disgraceful, so they try to scare Kevin away from her by outright saying that they will kill the kid (because Kevin has experimented all the bullying tricks there are) if he goes to the prom.

Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill help Lucky to find the stump as he tries to seek advice from Hank about what he should do with Luanne. Finally seeing the error of his ways after finding the stump, Lucky drives away in his truck (and consequently leaves all four of them behind in the cold night) to reach Luanne to apologize to her.

Despite Peggy's best efforts to keep the rednecks away, they manage to enter the prom to kill Kevin, where Luanne encourages him to fight them back and is still rooting for him despite how it's clear he's no match for them. Just as they're about to off the kid, Lucky pulls the double doors off with the rope of his truck and intervenes just in time to stop his friends from hurting Kevin. He manages to reconcile with Luanne but allows her to dance with Kevin so he doesn't feel left out. During the last hour of the prom, both Luanne and Lucky dance together in the center of the court.

Back at the stump Lucky couldn't retrieve again, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer are seen shivering in the night.


  • When Lucky is telling the story of how his grandfather found the stump, he was told a false story to cover up the real one.
    • False Story: Lucky's grandfather found the stump while being lost at a chruch picnic, there a storm came and he found shelter in the stump. Later he was stricken with an illness and died before he could get the stump
    • Real Story:Lucky grandfather was a prisoner who was running from the law, he found a stump while runing from the police, he tried to hide but the hounds sniff him out and found him. He later died when he was given the chair.
  • We also get to see how Lucky slipped in the bathroom and got him his settlement money.

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