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Lenore Dauterive
Name Lenore Dauterive
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 54
Relatives Bill Dauterive (Ex-Husband)
First appearance Hank and the Great Glass Elevator
Voiced by Ellen Barkin

Lenore Dauterive (Born September 29, 1958, Age: 54) was the ex-wife of Bill Dauterive. She was dishonest with their marriage, and cheated on Bill several times. The marriage ended in a divorce. The divorce was unofficial at the time. However, Lenore signed the papers herself by faking Bill's signature. Despite Lenore's infidelity, Bill still wanted her back from time to time. However, whenever Bill tried to contact Lenore, she rejected him. There was an exception to that in Hank and the Great Glass Elevator when Lenore showed up when Bill started dating governor, Ann Richards. However, Bill saw Lenore behind the governor's back and she continued to degrade him. Bill finally mooned Lenore to her disgust, and the governor remarked: "There's hope for Bill after all."

Lenore was portrayed by Emmy and Tony Award winning actress, Ellen Barkin.


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