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Pregnant Paws
Ladybird is the Hill family's 16-year-old (112 in dog years) dog. She is a purebred Georgia bloodhound. Hank Hill has an especially strong relationship with the family's dog. He can often be seen talking playfully to her.

Hank, showing his strong relationship with Ladybird, went to a dog whisperer in order to keep Ladybird off of the vicious dog list and from being put to sleep. The dog whisperer is comparable to a yoga instructor that Hank once went to see, the type of person Hank Hill would rather not have anything to do with.

Bobby Hill also has a good relationship with Ladybird. He was once discovered, by Hank, dancing with Ladybird. Hank wouldn't allow it, only to end up going behind Bobby's back and start dancing with Ladybird himself.

Ladybird is famous for saying a lot through her silence. She seems neutral about most everything that happens to the Hills, although she is always there to comfort them when something horrible happens.

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  • Ladybird is named after the wife of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. Ladybird was a nickname by which she was commonly referred. Hank has a particular affinity to Lyndon Johnson as both are from Texas.
  • Hank claims that Ladybird's mother tracked down James Earl Ray, killer of Martin Luther King, Jr. (S01E07)
  • Ladybird also has a narrow uterus, which also jeopardizes her chances of ever having puppies.

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