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Kahn Souphanousinphone
Name Kohng Koy Souphanousinphone
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 43
Job Systems analyst
Relatives Minh Souphanousinphone (wife)

Connie Souphanousinphone (daughter)
Laoma Souphanousinphone (mother)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Tid Pao Souphanousinphone (niece)
General Gum (father-in-law)
Phonsawan Souphanusinphone (nephew)

First appearance "Westie Side Story"
Voiced by Toby Huss

Kahn Souphanousinphone is one of the Hill's neighbors. He lives with his wife Minh and daughter Connie. He is voiced by Toby Huss.


Kahn lives with his wife Minh and his daughter Connie next door to the Hill Family. Kahn works in the information technology industry as a systems analyst. He originates from Luang Prabang, Laos. He first moved to Anaheim, California but left due to "neighbor problems" as told by Minh. He attends the Nine Rivers Country Club, which is comprised of almost all Asian members. Kahn is known to frequently "suck-up" to Ted Wassanasong, a fellow Laotian on the membership committee of the Country Club, who is not particularly fond of him at all. Kahn has a love-hate relationship with his Rainey Street neighbors, often insulting them by calling them "Rednecks" and "Hillbillies" and displaying a superiority complex, and other times showing kindness. He doesn't especially have friends in the neighborhood, most wanting to avoid him completely (even Bill) and being delighted when something bad happens to him. 

In "Just Another Manic Kahn-Day," Kahn is shown suffering from manic depression. Although this is also revealed in " Lost in myspace " season 13 episode 4.


  • His name is an anagram of Hank's name
  • Kahn's license plate says "king kahn", a homage to King Kong
  • In the episode "Uh-oh, Canada", it was revealed that Kahn spent 2 years in the Killing Fields, a name given to the sites in Cambodia in which the notorious Khmer Rouge had killed and buried large numbers of people
  • Kahn's mother refers to him as Kohng Koy Kahn , which literally means, "It is mine Kahn" in Laotian. There is debate if this is his "Full first name", but it is more likely a pet name calling him her Kahn. Her name is Laoma and she had a romantic relationship with Bill, much to Kahn's horror. He briefly broke them up, but they reunited.
  • Kahn is very skilled in martial arts. In The Redneck on Rainey Street, he defends himself using moves from Pencak Silat, a martial art originating in Indonesia.
  • For most of his on-screen appearances, Kahn drove a blue 1980s Toyota Van. Exceptions are (1) in the episode when Bill steals a tank, where Kahn is seen driving a blue 1996 Chevrolet Suburban, (2) another episode where he is seen driving a grey/silver 2003 Ford Taurus, and (3) the episode where he becomes a redneck, driving a red 1980 Chevrolet El Camino.
  • The episode "Just Another Manic Kahn-Day" centers around Kahn's manic depression. However, it was first revealed in the episode "Lost in MySpace" when Peggy discovers the information on the titular website.
  • In the episode "Naked Ambition," it is revealed that Kahn owns a speedboat named "Laotian in Motion."
  • Kahn is neither Chinese or Japanese, as he comes from Laos.
  • Kahn has special contempt for the Hills.





  • MINH: Kahn, we have no nanny for Connie.
  • KAHN: Oh, cruel, cruel fate! This Maui speech could be my stepping-stone from systems analyst to senior systems analyst!


  • "Tell kids, SpongeBob in front of school." "I don't know what kids like."

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