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Just Another Manic Kahn-Day is the 24th and final episode of season 13. It was also the final episode of the series, although not considered the true ending of the series as To Sirloin with Love holds that official
distinction.It was aired on May 6, 2010.


When Minh and Connie leave for the week, Minh asks Hank to keep an eye on Kahn. Hank goes with Kahn to the grocery store where Kahn is supposed to pick up his medication, but ends up ignoring his prescription. Hank soon learns that Kahn suffers from manic depression and Kahn ends up alternating between being manic and being depressed. During this time, Grill-Stravaganza is about to occur and Kahn promises Buck Strickland to build a super, robotic grill for the event. Hank soon feels guilty for using Kahn's alternating moods to build his grill, and buys his drugs illegally from Octavio. When giving the drugs to Kahn, Hank learns that the drugs take a few days to kick in, but decides to go lie down for "over an hour". He emerges from the room, declares himself manic and finishes the grill. The Grill-Stravaganza event ends up being a smashing sucess with Kahn's robotic grill attracting numerous customers to buy grills. The scene and series ends with Kahn and Hank eating a burger together cooked by the grill.

In the secondary plot of the episode, Bobby finds a Ray J. Johnson album in Hank's closet. Bobby listens to the famous "You don't have to call me Johnson gag," numerous times, unable to conceive why others find it funny. However, after listening and studying it enough, Bobby ends up eventually bursting in laughter with Peggy commenting "Johnson got another one."


  • Tid Pau graffiti Q-Bag can be seen spray painted on the fence when the guys go get Kahn's medication from Octavio.

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