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Hoyt Platter
Name Hoyt Platter
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 40s or 50s
Job Unknown, ex-Convict
Relatives Maddy Platter (Mother)
Doc Platter (Father)
Leanne Platter (Ex-Wife)
Peggy Hill (Twin Sister)
Hank Hill (Brother-in-Law)
Bobby Hill (Nephew)
Luanne Platter (Daughter)
Lucky Kleinschmidt (Son-in-Law)
Gracie Kleinschmidt (Granddaughter)
First appearance Life: A Loser's Manual
Voiced by Johnny Knoxville

Hoyt Platter is Luanne Platter's father, Peggy Hill's older brother, and Leanne Platter's ex-husband. He is also Bobby Hill's maternal uncle. He is often mentioned during the series, but only appears in one episode, "Life: A Loser's Manual." Hoyt is voiced by Johnny Knoxville.


Peggy told Luanne that after Hoyt was stabbed in the back with a fork by Luanne's mother Leanne, he went to work on an oil rig, intending to stay there until he was sure that Leanne had died. In "Life: A Loser's Manual" it is discovered that Hoyt had in fact been in prison the whole time, and the only person in the Platter family who knew about it was Peggy (although Lucky later deduced that Hoyt had spent time behind bars). When Hoyt called the Hill home to say that he was being released from prison and he was coming to Arlen, Peggy was the only one he talked to. It was never specified what Hoyt was convicted of, but robbery seems likely, based on his post-release behavior of robbing a diner. At the end of the episode, Hoyt went back to jail, but Luanne's husband Lucky told her that he was going back to the oil rig, so Luanne is still unaware that her father is a convict. He is also a fan of prescription medications as he's seen with a big bag of them in his car in "Life: A Loser's Manual", which strongly suggests he abuses drugs.

A sightly younger version of Hoyt appeared in a flashback of Hank and Peggy's wedding video, in Hank's Cowboy Movie. Hank claimed that Hoyt was going to marry a pharmacist (possibly to get free drugs) but married psychotic Leanne instead when she entertained at his Bachelor party.


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