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Gracie Kleinschmidt


Name Gracie Kleinschmidt
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Newborn
Job baby
Relatives Lucky Kleinschmidt (father)
Luanne Platter (mother)
Hoyt Platter (maternal grandfather)
Leanne Platter (maternal grandmother)
Hank Hill (great-uncle)
Peggy Hill (great-aunt)
Bobby Hill (first cousin once removed)
Maddy Platter (great-grandmother)
Doc Platter (great-grandfather)

Myrna Kleinschmidt (aunt)

First appearance Lucky See, Monkey Do
Voiced by Tara Strong

Grace Margaret "Gracie Maggie" Kleinschmidt

Luanne revealed her pregnancy to Lucky and the Hill family in the episode "Edu-macating Lucky." The two ended up having a shotgun wedding, even though they had wanted a more traditional ceremony.

When Gracie was born, Luanne was originally going to name her Lasagna, for one of her and Lucky's favorite things. Thanks to great-aunt Peggy's and Great-Uncle Hank's intervention she was named Gracie instead, and her middle name was given by Peggy, who named her after herself using her full name, Margaret.

Gracie is an extremely happy baby most of the time, giggling and doing strange things that make her laugh. She last appeared in the series finale.

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