Gordon Huskin
Gordon 2
Name Gordon Huskin
Gender Male
Hair Black
Relatives Morine Huskin (wife)
Ollie Huskin (son)
First appearance "Uh-oh, Canada"
Voiced by Phil Hendrie

Gordon Huskin is a Canadian with a wife and his son. He is a co-antagonist with his wife during "Uh-oh, Canada".

Biography or Personality

He is strongly patriotic/nationalistic in regards to his Canadian identity. He shows obvious signs of anti-Americanism during the episode, and likes to criticize aspects of American lifestyle and culture. He is speaks in normal yet stereotypical Canadian accent and also speaks fluent in Canadian French.

He is a Canadian patriot or nationalist believer, seem be smart, loyal, and a very good liar along with his wife.


  • He is in many ways a darker and Canadian equivalent of Hank.
    • Both their personailtes are mostly same with beer their country style, devotion to their country and expect same from narcissistic wives and only one child which both are boys.
  • He ignorantly claims that Canadians discovered penicillin. This was likely an oversight made during the production of the episode.
    • This claim is completely inaccurate. Alexander Flemming, the discoverer of penicillin, was Scottish and was never involved with Canada.
      • Editor's Note: It was Kahn who made the wrong claim concerning "a girl on your money". (Queen Elizabeth II is on the Canadian 20 dollar bill.)


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