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Goobersmooches is a restaurant located in Arlen. It is a parody of Fuddruckers as the restaurant design is similar to Fuddruckers and also specializes in burgers. Strickland Propane is a supplier of the restaurant
as show in the episode The Perils of Polling


Lost in MySpace

In the episode Lost in MySpace this restaurant made an apperance after Donna gets fired from Strickland Propane after she formed a flash mob at Strickland Propane with her "MySpace friends" to hunt down Hank which Buck steps out thinking the flash mob are customers, but the mob mistakes Buck for Hank, and beats up Buck. After Donna's firing, she makes an anti-Strikland Propane MySpace page, and the Strickland workers want to take it down, but don't know the password which Donna knows. After looking at her MySpace pages to find something to find and confront her, Hank finds that she has a date at the restaurant. The Strickland workers than go to the restaurant to confront her where she was at the burger bar with her date, and Hank and Donna speak face-to-face and make amends, and bring her back to work at Strickland, and take down the anti-Strickland MySpace page. Donna then rejects her date since she was just dating him for money, and she just got her job back.

Hank Fixes Everything

In the episode Hank Fixes Everything, Hank gathers Buck, M. F. Thatherton, and two other propane owners in the restaurant by putting a fake sweepstakes that they won a portable television, which Hank gave them by test driving four mini vans to have them stop with the price wars, and act like business man, which they misunderstood, and start to do a price fixing operation between the four propane stores.

A Fire Fighting We Will Go

In the episode A Fire Fighting We Will Go, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer were on duty as firemen and were dispatched to the restaurant for a dumpster fire. Veteran firefighter Heck Dorland has already extinguished the blaze when they arrived. 


The Perils of Polling

In the episode The Perils of Polling, Luanne goes to the uses the restaurant pager to page Hank to ask him he is going to vote or not in the election, which shows that Strickland Propane is a supplier of the restaurant since the restaurant can page Hank. Hank then calls back the restaurant in which Luanne picks up the phone after the hostess went and seated customers, which Luanne convinces Hank to come home and vote.

Phish and Wildlife

In the episode Phish and Wildlife, Hank and Peggy go on a dinner date to the restaurant in the opening scene, where Peggy tells Hank that she wants to order both the French Onion Soup and the Minestrone Soup in place of an entree after Bobby was left at home alone and ends up calling them because he is scared.

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