Gone With the Windstorm
Season 9, Episode 13
Air date May 1, 2005
Written by Wyatt Cenac
Directed by Yvette Kaplan
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Gone with the Windstorm is the one hundred-eighty-fourth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on May 1, 2005, and was the first episode of the series to air as part of FOX's "Animation Domination" block. The episode was written by Wyatt Cenac, and directed by Yvette Kaplan.



When Channel 84 hires a new meteorologist, Irv Bennett, Nancy and her less-than-accurate weather reports are left out in the cold. Determined to remain an integral member of the news team, Nancy drives a stolen news van into a raging wildfire, aiming to scoop the competition. Meanwhile, Bobby is always frightened at school by a boy who keeps jumping out and startling him.


  • In the episode, Dale is shown relaxing in the hot tub which he received earlier on in the series as an anniversary present from Nancy