"Get in Line" is a song written (at least) by Steven Page and Ed Robertson for the King of the Hill soundtrack. It is performed by Barenaked Ladies and it has characters from the TV series featured in it. Before the band plays, Dale tells the other men the following:

"Ah, sure I've been abducted. Heck, we've all been abducted. The trick is to keep them from reading your thoughts. I'll wear a hat and try to remain thoughtless at all times."

Throughout the music video, while the band is playing, various members mess around with Dale's stuff.

Actually, there are two music videos: one with Hank, Bobby, Luanne, and Peggy in it, and one without them.

In either music video, at one point, in a wooden set, one of the members puts a jar full of ants up, and cough pink smoke when Dale sprays the ants.

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