Get In Get Out
Location Arlen}
Get In Get Out
First Appearance
"Won't You Pimai Neighbor?"
Last Appearance
"Master of Puppets"
Get In Get Out is a chain of convenience stores/mini-marts located in Arlen and possibly surrouding areas. It is a parody of convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.


  • High Anxiety Debbie Grund visited the Get In Get Out just minutes before she died. (Seen on store surveillance camera).
  • Master of Puppets Bobby uses the pay phone outside to call Hank after both him and Peggy forgot to pick him up.


This is the last location that Debbie Grund visited while still a live. It is also the las place where she was seen a live.


  • The store's name could be based off the Nintendo 64's slogan, "Get N or get out!"

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