This is list of people of medical, mental, physical and psychological conditions at King of the Hill...

Bill Dauterive

  • (Mood Views) Clinical Depression, Majority due of unlucky life.
  • (Psyho-Personal Views) Borderline personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder, as seen in few episodes and are Very Implied to have both them.

Bobby Hill

  • (Mood Views) Clinical Depression, Coursed he started developed since end of early seasons.
  • (Allergically) Dog fur-related Allergically, He was have to allergic to dog fur for once episode and later eventually cured by his medication as acclaimed by his doctor due his thinking it's airborne condition.

Hank Hill 

  • (Psycho-Personal Views) Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, with got some signs of the condition with appear in his related episodes.
  • (Bone Damage (Genetically)) Diminished Gluteal Syndrome, He have it since discovered and diagnosed by his doctor in a episode.

Peggy Hill

  • (Psycho-Personal Views) Narcisstic Personality Disorder, She had since her mother emotionally abused her as her flashbacks or later episodes claimed from.
  • (Bone Damage) Spine Injury, She was suffered spine injury for last three episodes.

Trip Larson

  • (Brain/Nervous System) Schizophrenia and Clinical Lycanthropy, both Heavily and Obviously Implied.

Dale Gribble

  • (Psycho-Personal Views) Paranoid Personality Disorder, in every episode where Dale rants about government conspiracies and lashes out in hostility out of paranoia and feeling betrayed.

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